Code Of Conduct in the College


All students are bound to abide by this Code and the rights, responsibilities including the restrictions flowing from it.


  1. At the time of admission, every student is required to sign a statement abiding by this Code.
  2. Every student shall be regular and must complete his/her studies in the Institute in prescribed tenure.
  3. In the event, a student is forced to discontinue studies for any legitimate reason, such a student may be relieved from the Institute on an application in writing with the consent of his parent/guardian subject to written consent of the Director/ Principal
  4. As a result of such relieving, the student shall be required to clear pending library and fees dues
  5. All students must refrain from indulging in any and all forms of misconduct including partaking in any activity off-campus which can affect the Institute’s interests and reputation.


Every student of the Institute shall bear responsibility for ensuring highest standards of academic integrity. Being an institution of professional  education and research, the Institute values academic, intellectual and ethical integrity. 


A student who commits misconduct shall be liable to be dealt with in accordance

  1. Participation in an illegal or unjustified strike or abetting, inciting, instigating or acting  whether alone or in combination with others.
  2. Theft, fraud or dishonesty in connection with the Institute’s property or theft of another student or employee’s property within the Institute.
  3. Habitual absence from attending classroom or lab sessions without permission or absence without permission.
  4. Frequent or Habitual late attendance.
  5. Collecting contributions for any purpose whatsoever at any time without the permission of the  Director/ Principals .
  6. Drunkenness or riotous, disorderly, indecent or improper behavior, use of abusive language, threatening, intimidating, coercing or interfering with the work of other students / employees, assault or threat of assault either provoked or otherwise within the Institute . Commission of any act or conduct subversive of the discipline whether within the premises or outside in connection with Institute’s work.
  7. Habitual negligence or neglect of instructions.
  8. Habitual breach of any rules or instructions for the maintenance and operation of any department or the maintenance of the cleanliness of any portion of the Institute.
  9. Causing damage, whether willful or due to irresponsible action or damage due to negligence or carelessness to any property of the Institute or within the Institute or any instigation or abetment thereof.
  10. Organizing, holding, attending or taking part in any meeting without the prior sanction .
  11. Gambling within the Institute.
  12. Smoking within the Institute.Spitting in the Institute.Unauthorized possession or use of harmful chemicals and banned drugs.
  13. Possession or consumption of alcohol or narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances within the Institute or during travel authorized by the Institute.
  14. Failure to observe duly notified safety instructions or normal safety precautions or interference with any safety device or equipment installed within the Institute.
  15. Marking attendance of any student other than his own.
  16. Declared and being carried in the registers of police as a bad character or conviction by any court of law for any criminal offence.
  17. Registration of any criminal case for any act directly or indirectly connected with the Institute.
  18. Doing private or personal work, within the Institute with or without tools or materials belonging to the Institute without the previous written permission
  19. Distributing or exhibiting within the Institute handbills, pamphlets, posters or causing to be displayed by means of signs or writing or other visible representations any matter
  20. Making false, vicious and malicious statements in public or otherwise against the Institute or any student or any member or employee of the Institute.
  21. Possession of any weapon in the Institute.Unauthorized possession, carrying or use of any weapon, ammunition, explosives, or potential weapons, fireworks.
  22. Failure to report damage or defects noticed in machinery, equipment and processes.
  23. Refusal or failure to wear uniforms   within the Institute premises and refusal to wear or show the identity card.
  24. Threatening any student / employee alone or in combination with others or through any outsider and willful or deliberate misuse of any amenity provided by the Institute.
  25. Gaining admission by impersonation or by production of false identity card or fake certificates.
  26. Any conduct that is likely to endanger the life or safety of any student or employee of the Institute.
  27. Refusal to receive any written order or other lawful or proper communications served in accordance with these Rules.
  28. Making malicious statements against the Institute or its Officers either verbal, printed materials, electronic means or online internet / intranet facilities.
  29. Sexual harassment.
  30. Parking a vehicle in a no parking zone or in area earmarked for parking other type of vehicles. Rash driving on the campus that is likely to cause inconvenience to others.
  31. Not disclosing a pre-existing health condition, either physical or psychological, to the Medical Officer which may cause hindrance to the academic progress. 
  32. Engaging in disorderly, lewd, or indecent conduct, including, but not limited to, creating unreasonable noise; pushing and shoving; inciting or participating in a riot or group disruption at the Institute, including and not limited to sloganeering, throwing stones or such other articles that is likely to cause injury or endangering safety of others.
  33. Unauthorised recording of audio or video lectures in class rooms or actions of other students, faculty, or staff without prior written permission.
  34. Posting derogatory comments about other individuals of the Institute on the social media or indulging in any such related activities having ramifications on the reputation of the Institute.
  35. Using scripts and other specifically designed software programs to break or hack into Institute’s system or networks with or without malicious intent, whether to steal / manipulate data or spread malware.
  36. Bringing / Allowing any outsider or Non OKIMITE  inside the campus without permission from Authorities.
  37. Causing any physical / mental harassment towards fellow students including ragging, quarrelling, using abusive language and violent behavior. Fighting / Slandering / Quarrelling resulting in Minor or Major Injury.


  1. Carrying Mobile Phone or any other Electronic device in the Examination Halls, including and not limited to handing over such phones / devices to invigilators for safe custody. 
  2. Markings of any kind found during Examinations in code Books or standard tables in physical or electronic modes, including and not limited to having chits/scribblings on any part of the body. 
  3. Entering or attempting to enter examination hall 15 minutes after scheduled start time. 
  4. Exchange of Calculators, Stationaries, Code Books, etc., in the examination hall.  Writing anything in the question paper other than answers / workings except for the purpose of examination. 
  5. Carrying answer booklets without submitting to the invigilators or unused one, from the examination hall. Any disrespectful activities such as shouting / creating a scene in the examination hall. 


The ‘UGC Regulation on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the Institute and the students and any violation thereof shall invite action in accordance with the said Regulations.

The Anti-Ragging Committee is constituted every year  for the purpose morefully provided for in the Regulations contained in clause 11 above shall deal with matters pertaining to Ragging.  A student found guilty by the committee will attract punishment as provided for under the said Regulations. d. An Appeal against the any Order of punishment shall lie to The Management Committee


The Sexual Harassment (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013; The UGC (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees & Students in Higher Educational Institutions) Regulations, 2015 and the AICTE (Gender Sensitization, Prevention and Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees and Students and Redressal of Grievances in Technical Educational Institutions) Regulations, 2016, shall apply mutatis mutandis to the students of the Institute.   Any student found guilty by the Committee will attract punishment as recommended by the Committee.


Complaints of misconduct shall be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee.  The Members of the Committee shall be appointed and hold office at the discretion of the Management Committee.   The Enquiry Officer/Committee shall follow procedure in accordance with principles of natural justice affording reasonable opportunity to the Student to defend himself.  The proceedings shall be treated confidential for all purposes and shall not be disclosed to any person not connected with the Enquiry without any express order from a Court of competent jurisdiction.   Publication of whole or a part of the proceedings in any manner whatsoever is strictly prohibited.



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