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RTU - MBA -Internal Evaluation and University Exams


  1. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is 4 semesters program. The Program structure and credits for MBA have been taken as per AICTE guidelines and model Scheme based on the stakeholders needs and general structure of the program.
  2. Minimum number of classroom contact teaching credits for MBA is 96 credits and field work/ internship of 06 credits, thus the minimum number of credits for award of MBA course is 102 credits. Out of 96 credits, 54 credits are allotted for core courses and rest 42 credits for electives including laboratory work.
  3. Laboratory Work:
    1. be done by the concerned teachers taking the lab. A batch of 60 students is to be divided into 4 groups of 15 students per group for conducting lab classes. Each group is assigned a teacher for conducting the lab and assessment of the students will be done by the teacher out of 60 marks. The assessment of 40 marks shall be done by the external examiner appointed by the Head of the department in consultation with Director/Principal of the college.

     The sessional examination for M-109/M-110/M-210/M-211 shall be conducted at the end of semester before theory                         examinations and schedule shall be notified in the MBA timetable by the RTU.

          4. The evaluation of academic performance is based on internal assessment of the following components The distribution of internal                   assessment marks will be:






Term Test (Minimum two tests for each course)



Assignments/ Quiz/Case analysis



Project Work/ Term Paper



Class Participation and attendance







UOK - MSW, BBA,BCA,BA,B.Com,B.Sc -Internal Evaluation and University Exams



(a) The internal assessment for each theory paper shall be taken by the teacher concerned in the Department during each semester. There will be two internal assessment tests each of 15% weightage, for theory papers in each semester. Each internal assessment test shall be of one hour duration for each paper and shall be taken according to academic calendar notified by the University. There will be no internal examination in the practical paper.

(b) A student, who remains absent (defaulter) or fails or wants to improve the marks in the internal assessment, may be permitted to appear in the desired paper(s) (only one time) in the same semester with the permission of the concerned Head of the Department. A defaulter / improvement fee of Rupees 250/- per paper shall be charged from such candidates. Duly forwarded application of such candidates by the teacher concerned shall be submitted to HOD who may permit the candidate to appear in the internal assessment after depositing the defaulter/ improvement fee. A record of such candidates shall be kept in the Department. 

The external assessment shall be of three hours duration for each theory paper and the duration of field work will be at least two hours per week for practicum. The practicum examination shall be taken by the panel of at least one external and one internal examiner at the end of each semester. 


UG semester is proposed to have maximum 20 credit (500 marks) approach and out of which each subject will be given 6 credits (150 marks) and remaining 2 credits (50 marks) in each semester will be assigned to AEC/GET/VAC/SEC. The subject of pure theoretical nature will have one theory paper in each semester of 6 credits (150 marks) While the subject of hybrid nature (theory) and practical component both) will have 4 credits (100 Marks) for one theory paper and 2 credit (50 marks) for one practical. 

Now, we have two category of the each paper for the evaluation i.e. 100 (4 credits and 150 ( 6 credits ) marks for theory with practical component and theory without the practical component, respectively. The continuous evaluation of theory paper which has the practical component will be of 30 marks and the remaining 70 marks will be devoted to external evaluation. Similarly, the continuous assessment of theory paper which does not have the practical component will be of 50 marks and the remaining 100 marks will be devoted to external evaluation.  i.e. the 30 to 50 marks of continuous assessment for practical/ non-practical subject will have a mid-term test of 20/30 marks and remaining 10/20 marks will be devoted to seminar project report/ presentation. 
Make Up Exam
One chance to improve his/her marks of continuous assessment (mid-term)  will also be given to the student in the same semester with a fee of Rs. 250/- per paper, after the approval of the competent authority of Department/College. This exam can be for Improvement seeking students or Absentees in the internal Exams. A written application clearly mentioning the subjects and respective fees payment status need to be submitted after 2nd Internal exam result declaration for the conduct of Make up Exam. 
External Exams Duration and Passing  Criteria
All  the Above Courses 

The duration of external examination for each paper would be 3 hours. The minimum passing marks in each course will be 40% in each individual component of internal and external separately. A student must obtain 50% marks in aggregate in individual course for qualifying and to obtain pass grade.



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